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How does SCUTE protect my data?

SCUTE protects your data in several important ways:

  • Primarily SCUTE is a Sealed system which means users and third parties are unable to access or create attack vectors that would endanger the traditional hardened technology,
  • SCUTE offers a secure application-base that is Privacy-Synchronized (PS) protecting from backdoor attacks,
  • Business continuity is preserved with SCUTE as it is Ransomware and Malware safe,
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) is built into SCUTE, assisting you with the management, monitoring, and control of all users,
  • Bank-grade encryption is used for data in transit and military grade encryption at rest,
  • Multi-factor authentication verifies all users are validated,
  • SCUTE offers an immutable Audit Report that provides details on all users, actions, and events.