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How does SCUTE deal with disaster recovery?

Business continuity is critical when it comes to your digital information. From risks of theft or damage your business continuity requires a solid disaster recovery plan. SCUTE offers a number of methods to suit your business requirements. Rapid system replacement or restoration from Backups protects your company. Backups may be made locally and/or remote to protect your information.

Locally: Simply insert a USB3.0 external memory device to collect iterative backups at an interval defined by your company policies. All backups are security protected with military grade encryption.

Remote 1: SCUTE offers a patented off-premise backup to the country and location of your choice that automatically defines the physical drives location and title transfer to your company there by extending your defined Property Ownership of your data.

Remote 2: Additional SCUTE systems may be purchased and placed at a location that suits your corporate policy for adherence to privacy laws. The additional SCUTE system(s) will actively manage, mirror, and maintain high-reliability access to your company data while maintaining property ownership.

Convergence Service: Depending on your corporate policy any combination or all backup features may be implemented.