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Can SCUTE scale as my company scales?

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Yes. As your company scales you have the option to add additional users and to increase the storage capacity to suit your application. In addition, larger companies may place multiple SCUTE systems in various departments thereby protecting department related information and customer data.

What happens when I forget my password?

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SCUTE provides a ‘Forgot Password’ feature that utilizes two-factor authentication. This ensures that the user is verified on the system and that their password can be changed with a high degree of confidence.

How do I control system access on a per user basis?

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SCUTE provides a visual interface to manage multiple levels of permissions. When a user accesses the system, they are only aware of the folders (groups) that they are explicitly a member of. A user is added or removed from a group by using a simple drag-n-drop interface which is a visual representation of your company org structure.

How do I on-board new users?

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Only users with the appropriate permissions’ setting are able to create or change account details. These ‘administrators’ can create a new user account. Once the account is created SCUTE will verify the new email address and require them to create a secure password. The new user can now access the system.