SCUTE offers easy compliance to CMMC and NIST

Simple to manage, control, audit and exchange data

How do you safely manage DoD data and deliver your product or service?

How do you remain CMMC and NIST 800-171 compliant?

When it comes to protecting your most valuable data and communications, legacy IT technology does not provide the level of privacy and redundancy required in this time of Ransomware attacks.

More data breaches reported last year than any other year since records first started being published.

  • Weak passwords
  • Dormant user accounts
  • Lack of notifications
  • Text Messaging is not secure

Protect your files and Chat Text with the leading privacy technology of SCUTE.

  • Automatic password monitoring and account locking
  • Notifications on all user and file activity
  • The most important key you will ever own, protect sensitive data and your reputation.

Upward Trend, Product & Service Provider Data Breaches

Associated Invasive Techniques Gaining network access through software, hardware, or human vulnerability; acquire or develop a zero-day exploit; adversary trigger exploits for sever-baed vulnerabilities and victim-triggered exploits (email attachments; malicious links)
OPM Breach (2013-2015) Through a set of privilege escalation techniques to manipulate Microsoft’s Active Directory user access control system, attachers eventually gained administrative root-level access.
NotPetya (2017) The malware exploited a flaw in a Windows network file sharing protocol to further distribute itself to computers without the accounting sofware.
China Telecom Internet Traffic Hijacking (2016-2017) Attacks involved falsly claiming ownership of destination IP addresses and/or falsifying BGP forwarding tables to indicate short routing distances between hijacker-controlled servers and destination IP addresses.
Sea Dragon (2018) MUDCARP is known to exploit vulnerabilities in Microsoft Office. MUDCARP has used MSOS vulnerabilities to embed malicious code into .RTP documents

Don’t pay the price of Legacy IT Technology