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Data Breach today published a relevant post on Cicer One’s cybersecurity news feed today outlining how “Criminals continue to tap ransomware, backed by more advanced network penetration techniques, hitting larger targets and leaking data in an attempt to maximize their illicit paydays.”  

In talking to many CEOs they feel helpless as they juggle keeping their company safe and secure during massive shift to work from home (WFH), with the need to enable their employees, clients and vendors to easily access and share digital information.  

The attackers are becoming bolder and are increasingly preying on a general lack of employee training when it comes to cyber threat and methods of attack.  It is more difficult to protect your company’s most valuable resource, your data and sensitive information, when your employees are working remotely using their home networks and devices.

The reality is that it’s not a fair fight.  Cyber criminals don’t play by the rules.  They will exploit anything and everything to get your company’s data and information, only to hold it for ransom.  The consequences of which are an average restoration cost of $111,000 per incident and a significant likelihood that your business will cease to exist.  Studies demonstrate that this is the fate for 60% of businesses that suffer a breach.

We created SCUTE systems to level the playing field and make it easy for business leaders to monitor, control and protect their data as it is being exchanged amongst employees, vendors and clients.  SCUTE systems are the perfect complement to the cloud, offering protection that’s strong enough to meet the rigorous criteria of the DoD’s CMMC framework while being simple enough for non-technical people to implement.

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