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Massive Layoffs = Massive Data Loss Risk

By | Covid19, Ransomware

Forbes published a piece today written by Paul F Roberts outlining the inherent risk companies face with the massive COVID-19 layoffs.

The suspension of office work followed by mass layoffs were devastating consequences of the COVID 19 virus once it took hold in the United States in February. Mass data theft may be the next.

As corporations across industries rush to trim their payrolls and stay afloat financially, they are inviting data loss on a large scale, as millions of departing workers take sensitive company files and other data with them on the way out the door, experts warn.

Cicer One created SCUTE as an alternative for business owners to enable the seamless sharing and exchange of corporate data with employees, vendors and clients.  It is simple and straightforward to monitor usage and access for non-technical business leaders and to retract user rights when the external partner or employee no longer requires the privileges.

What is my Data Worth?

By | Cloud, Ransomware, Work From Home

Few companies recognize the value of their data until it is gone or being held for ransom.  The biggest assets in the past were physical – land, buildings, and machinery, but that has rapidly transitioned to intellectual property and data.  The advent of the internet has made it easy to store and exchange data globally and with it have come thousands of services, paid and free, vying to help manage our biggest asset.

Is a free service really free?  Are the services safe, equal? No!

Personal and Corporate data is today’s gold rush evidenced by:

  1. The largest companies extraordinary profits from the management of data.  
  2. The advent of ransomware gangs that hold data for ransom and/or auction it to the highest bidder on the dark web.

Obviously our collective data is immensely valuable but few individuals and companies really know where it is – it’s usually scattered across multiple sites, drives, and systems on other companies’ property.  As enterprises grow and adopt more cloud based technology, the attack surface is growing (CSO report on Cicer One’s Cyber Security News)  As we grapple with the idea that our gold is in other people’s hands, it becomes apparent that cloud storage and apps simply aren’t suitable for the all data  storage and exchange that needs to be kept secure. 

Ask yourself, if my sensitive information is published or sold on the web: 

– what would it cost me to recover
– what would it do to my reputation
– am I legally liable to my clients or vendors for losing their IP?

Many companies don’t recover from a serious data breach.  Cicer One now offers 3 solutions for companies to protect their sensitive data assets:

– Cloud SCUTE – this is hosted in a secure facility and Cicer One cannot access the data by design. It is a good place to start securing your data and you can easily transition to Hosted or On-Premise SCUTE.
– Hosted SCUTE – Cicer One hosts dedicated physical hardware that only you can access.  The hosted service provides redundant power and network which is not available on premise for many companies.
– On-Premise SCUTE – the most secure version has the physical keys and system hardware located on your premises and in your complete control.

Get ahead of your competitors and the nefarious criminals and ensure the safety of your data ‘gold’ for all the stakeholders including employees, clients, vendors, and investors.  Purchase your own SCUTE or reach out to us for a 30 minute demo.

No one said Ransomware Should Be Fair

By | Ransomware

Data Breach today published a relevant post on Cicer One’s cybersecurity news feed today outlining how “Criminals continue to tap ransomware, backed by more advanced network penetration techniques, hitting larger targets and leaking data in an attempt to maximize their illicit paydays.”  

In talking to many CEOs they feel helpless as they juggle keeping their company safe and secure during massive shift to work from home (WFH), with the need to enable their employees, clients and vendors to easily access and share digital information.  

The attackers are becoming bolder and are increasingly preying on a general lack of employee training when it comes to cyber threat and methods of attack.  It is more difficult to protect your company’s most valuable resource, your data and sensitive information, when your employees are working remotely using their home networks and devices.

The reality is that it’s not a fair fight.  Cyber criminals don’t play by the rules.  They will exploit anything and everything to get your company’s data and information, only to hold it for ransom.  The consequences of which are an average restoration cost of $111,000 per incident and a significant likelihood that your business will cease to exist.  Studies demonstrate that this is the fate for 60% of businesses that suffer a breach.

We created SCUTE systems to level the playing field and make it easy for business leaders to monitor, control and protect their data as it is being exchanged amongst employees, vendors and clients.  SCUTE systems are the perfect complement to the cloud, offering protection that’s strong enough to meet the rigorous criteria of the DoD’s CMMC framework while being simple enough for non-technical people to implement.

Book an online demo to determine if SCUTE could be a good fit for your company’s cybersecurity needs.


Enough Ransomware Already!

By | Ransomware, Work From Home

Glance at our cyber security newsfeed and you’ll notice similar stories over and over again…

  • Companies and governments are being ransomed every 21 seconds
  • Anyone with malicious intent can easily license ransomware services
  • Ransomware demands are skyrocketing to over $111K
  • Most companies that are attacked go out of business within 6 months

The attacks are real!  The threat to your business is real!  Ask yourself:

  • What would I do if my data was sold to the highest bidder on the dark web?
  • What would I do if my data or intellectual property was held for ransom?
  • What would happen if a malicious link within an email were to be clicked?
  • Can I ensure business continuity with minimal interruption after an attack?
  • Do I have the financial resources to pay a ransom and get my data back?
  • Will my clients stay with my business if I’m attacked?

If you answered “No” to any of these questions, or if you simply don’t know the answers, let’s set up a time to talk.