SCUTE from Cicer One

SCUTE System

SCUTE enables a globally accessible Edge Computing communications platform, complete with secure network and data management.  Digital information maintains privacy by removing third parties from the data exchange scheme and controlling jurisdictional exposure. Applying only general business skills you are able to easily organize and share files, manage and monitor users, protect intellectual property, and maintain regulatory compliance.

CMMC, NIST, ITAR Compliance Support

SCUTE offers turn-key infrastructure that directly supports compliance efforts including CMMC Level 3.
Comprehensive Audit Log

Direct one-click audit log search or export of any user, system and data transactions.
Physical Isolation of Service Provider

SCUTE edge computing physically isolates hardware and CUI from 3rd parties and service providers.
No Third-Party Exposure of Data

SCUTE communication’s data exchange architecture is point-to-point, removing 3rd party servers.
Secure Chat

SCUTE Chat exchange connects Users point-to-point without exposure to telcos or service providers.
Off-Site, Off-Line Backup

SCUTE products offer physical control, hardware identification and 3rd party isolation of your data.
Off-Premise Disaster Recovery

SCUTE offers isolated backup in your country with full system restoration functionality.