SCUTE System

SCUTE offers businesses a Ransomware proof, globally accessible secure communications platform, complete with network and data management. Digital information is managed and exchanged maintaining privacy and ownership without using third party providers or undesired jurisdictional exposure. Applying only general business skills you are able to easily organize and share files, manage and monitor users, protect intellectual property, and comply with privacy laws. SCUTE is a purpose-built Sealed system that is Ransomware and Malware safe to protect your most valuable asset, company data.


Bryan C. / Chief Technology Officer / Marketing Design Agency
We use SCUTE to manage our companies sensitive data, such as financial documents and human resources files that are difficult to guarantee privacy using normal OS security controls. One unique requirement of my company was the need to enable collaboration between our in-house creative team and independent artists. We were using a hodge-podge of insecure cloud systems to exchange this intellectual property. Now with SCUTE we have control and I’m confident in the security around how we collaborate with artists around the world. It was very easy to install and set up, and I can monitor all system activities on the intuitive dashboard.”
Bob G. / Wealth Management / Financial Services
SCUTE was easy to setup to manage our secure client information. As wealth mangers, we need to ensure that our client’s financial data is secure and also easy to access from our office and our homes while not on any cloud service where it can be hacked or stored outside Canada. With SCUTE we are confident that our client’s can safely access and exchange their information without using cloud or email services.”
Marino F. / Financial Consultant / Financial Services
We have put our clients first in the security and protection of their personal information. Government compliance of privacy client information is paramount when conducting business in the insurance and investment industry. We use SCUTE to meet that objective when being audited by regulators.”

Seat Licensing - Internal Users

Internal Users (‘employees’) have greater access to system features over Guest Users. Permission settings for Internal Users include System Admin, Project Management, Group Management and User Management — similar to how you might structure teams and departments in your company.

Cloud Data File Storage & Exchange

Many companies manage their costs by moving their computing and exchange of data to servers hosted in the cloud. Cloud computing is cost effective to scale and exchange data without expenditures required in scaling IT support, network access and power backups. The trade-off is that most cloud service providers (CSP) have access to your data where they monitor, anonymize and monetize the data transactions of their clients. SCUTE provides the same ease of use and cost effectivity of traditional cloud-based services in a private sealed system with additional controls and offers 3 models to fit your corporate intellectual property requirements.

Seat Licensing - Guest Users

SCUTE enables you to share desired content with guest users such as vendors and clients who are not employees of your company at no additional cost. You have the choice to enable the period of time the external user has access to the files that are shared and thus can ensure that after project completion, access to the files has been turned off.

Comprehensive Audit Log

It is difficult for non-technical senior managers to instantly obtain an audit log of system activities and data transactions by User & IP address in traditional CSPs or on-premise solutions. SCUTE makes it simple to monitor your digital assets while meeting regulatory and compliance audit requirements. No specialized IT knowledge required for you to feel comfortable to know where and who has access to your data.

Safe Exchange with Guest Users

Many instances of data loss and ransomware are caused by lack of controls when exchanging data with users that are external to a companies’ physical location. SCUTE enables administrators to control the devices of all users and the period of access. SCUTE safely replaces email as a means of exchanging sensitive client and vendor data. All data exchange is encrypted at rest and in transit.

Visual Permissions Structure

SCUTE uniquely enables company and project managers to visually manage and monitor access of data permissions by organization roles and responsibilities.  Company data is often stored in thousands of folders in varying formats. The SCUTE system enables the automatic management and assignment of access rights to pools of digital assets making it easy for anyone to manage user access and rights.

Secure Chat

SCUTE enables users and groups to exchange chat communications securely without access by telcos or chat providers.  Traditionally, chats are encrypted, stored and transacted by the service provider but the data is not owned by the customer utilizing the services. Many providers monitor and monetize content and user behavior.  SCUTE removes all 3rd parties keeping your chat communication private and secure, controlled as your property, ensuring the company’s intellectual property is safe.

Control Windows File Sync & Share by User

Most users are familiar with Windows based file systems and use it in their workflows. 'Sync and share' clients enable users to interact with their cloud storage solution in a familiar environment and share their work 'real-time'. SCUTE empowers systems administrators to enable and limit functionality to selected users lowering the exposure of company data to breach or employee theft. Further, users select and synchronize only the files required for their current work projects further lowering the risk of intellectual property spread across employee devices.

Seamless Migration from Cloud to On-Prem

Every company has a portion of their corporate data that is extremely sensitive yet still requires communications between Users and it should never be exposed to any third party. Traditional CSPs make it difficult to exit their services, this is how they protect their revenue stream. Companies struggle to manage how and where they can store this sensitive data. Cicer One offers a seamless & effortless turnkey migration path from the private SCUTE Cloud solution to our Hosted SCUTE or our On-Premise SCUTE solution as required by your company’s cybersecurity and intellectual property policies.

Physical Isolation from Service Providers

Physical Isolation of your data from 3rd party service providers is critical to protect the privacy of your corporate data. Protecting your right to privacy and safe guarding your sensitive information, customer records, financial reports and intellectual property is critical today. Traditional CSPs expose your data to their employees who have maintenance access to your data and intellectual property. All SCUTE products lock out third parties including Cicer One from accessing your data.

Hosted Services offer:

  • SSAE-18 Certified Facilities
  • DDOS Mitigation
  • BGP IP
  • Primary & Redundant Power
  • Diesel Backup Generator
  • Redundant Gigabit Fiber Networks
  • Controlled / Security Managed Access
  • 100% Up-time Service Level Agreements

Customer Owned Hardware

‘Where is my data’ can be easily answered by our Hosted and On-Premise SCUTE products that enable complete control of all intellectual property with the same cost-effective ease of cloud without the risk of 3rd party cloud exposure. You own and control the property while managing and exchanging data with anyone, anywhere, under your lock and key. Protect your company and remove the risk of third party cloud-based solutions that expose your data without your knowledge. Legal, medical, defense, and financial companies choose either Hosted or On-Premise SCUTE to easily meet their industry regulations.

Off-Site, Off-Line Backup

Traditional Cloud providers create backups of your data on their hardware spread across many facilities and potentially across many countries. All SCUTE product lines offer you the simple cost-effective physical ownership of your backup hardware. All product lines including SCUTE Cloud offer you physical control, hardware identification, and ownership of your data backup. Never worry about business continuity, disaster recovery, or access to your data again.

Off-Premise Disaster Recovery

Business continuity is critical when it comes to your digital information. From risks of theft or damage, your business continuity requires a solid disaster recovery plan. SCUTE offers a seamless turn-key method that protects your business. SCUTE provides off-premise backup to the country and location of your choice where these discrete storage devices become your registered property. Removing ambiguity of data ownership is critical to protect your corporate information while enabling business continuity services.