SCUTE offers businesses an effective and simple means to enable Compliance for your business. SCUTE provides a globally accessible secure communications platform, complete with data management and comprehensive audits . Digital information is managed and exchanged maintaining privacy and ownership without third party providers or undesired jurisdictional exposure. Applying only general business skills you are able to easily organize and share files, manage and monitor users, protect intellectual property, and comply with privacy laws. SCUTE is a purpose-built Sealed system that is Ransomware and Malware safe to protect your most valuable asset, company data.

Cicer One Technologies is a data privacy company focused on the delivery of easy-to-use business solutions where your data remains your property, all third parties and all cloud services are removed from the transaction, storage, and application streams including Cicer One Technologies.

The SCUTE system, with embedded Artificial Intelligence (AI), offers a full corporate network and controlled user-access that enables your company to organize and communicate digital information such as files, documents, and Chat communications globally. Using your mobile device, PC browser, or Mac browser you are able to securely access, store, collaborate, monitor, share, or exchange documents and files with anyone anywhere in the world without the risk of third party access or interference.

Yes. Malicious code (ransomware/malware) cannot be executed on the system and no third party can access your data. SCUTE is a Sealed system.

SCUTE protects your data in several important ways:

  • Primarily SCUTE is a Sealed system which means users and third parties are unable to access or create attack vectors that would endanger the traditional hardened technology,
  • SCUTE offers a secure application-base that is Privacy-Synchronized (PS) protecting from backdoor attacks,
  • Business continuity is preserved with SCUTE as it is Ransomware and Malware safe,
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) is built into SCUTE, assisting you with the management, monitoring, and control of all users,
  • Bank-grade encryption is used for data in transit and military grade encryption at rest,
  • Multi-factor authentication verifies all users are validated,
  • SCUTE offers an immutable Audit Report that provides details on all users, actions, and events.

Any corporation with sensitive or private information, or companies who are mandated to comply with data privacy laws (e.g. HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, PIPEDA). Common industries would include Financial, Medical, Legal, Pharmaceutical, Insurance as well as Executive bodies in all industries.

A system where the application-base and hardware integration are Privacy-Synchronized (PS). This system restricts all forms of access to add, modify, or adjust applications, operating system, or hardware parameters. A Sealed system also removes all third-parties from the transaction, storage, exchange, or interaction of your data, including Cicer One. A Sealed system defines your data as your property while ensuring bank-grade encryption in motion and military grade at rest.

Yes. We use banking grade encryption, automatically renewed every 90 days, to protect file transfers, text messages and login credentials. We apply military grade encryption to protect your data at rest. These encryption keys are owned by you and unique to every system.

SCUTE is installed on-site, at a location of your choice. This is typically at your primary place of business but may also be installed in a region that best aligns with any jurisdictional compliance requirements.

No. A single SCUTE system manages all of your connections to/from anywhere in the world.

Yes. The product is implemented primarily in two modes:

  1. A communications exchange gateway where corporations utilize SCUTE to share content inside or outside of the office with employees, clients and vendors. SCUTE provides the Air-Gap between external internet connections and any existing back-end server networks.
  2. A complete data center, corporate network, and user access control solution thereby replacing antiquated or non-existing back-end servers for complete corporate data management.

Since SCUTE only requires basic business skill-sets, all functions of SCUTE are easily managed and controlled by your department managers.

Automatic data organization, File management, User management, Restricted collaboration, Shared collaboration, Guest account control, Chat, System backup – local and remote, System restore, Disaster recovery, Immutable system audit log, System status, Activity/System notifications, automatic encryption certificate renewal.

No. Your files and text messages are stored on SCUTE and on SCUTE Backups – your data never touches a third-party service.

Using Cloud introduces security risks for ransomware and malware attacks, data breaches and unintended data exposure. And since these services may reside outside of your jurisdiction and possibly even outside of your country, there may be regulatory issues with data privacy compliance (CMMC, NIST, ITAR, etc.) when exchanging or storing data using a Cloud service.

SCUTE is a Sealed system and addresses all of these security and privacy issues.

Business continuity is critical when it comes to your digital information. Whether from accidental data loss or a full-on data breach, your recovery plan is key to your ongoing success.

SCUTE provides you with three options for Disaster Recovery.

Local Backup:

Simply insert a USB3.0 external memory device to create incremental backups. All backups are security protected automatically with military grade encryption-keys that you own.

Remote Backup:

SCUTE offers a patented off-premise backup to the country of your choice where you retain Property Ownership over your data. Encryption is automatically applied to your data in-transit and at rest with encryption keys that you own.

In-Field Replacement:

In the event that your SCUTE system is stolen or has suffered irreparable damage, a new system can be delivered and your remote backup restored.

Yes. SCUTE provides an immutable detailed audit log of all system activity. System administrators can view the log and take any necessary action.

See our Where to Buy page for purchasing options.

Yes. We’d be happy to provide you with a live demonstration of SCUTE. Book a demo today.

SCUTE sends out notifications whenever shared content is changed. This feature also provides transparency and security for administrators to take the appropriate action.

Yes. SCUTE was designed to align with data privacy best practices.

Yes. Two-factor authentication (2FA) is built in to SCUTE.

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