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My Data is my property

By July 9, 2020 October 8th, 2020 CCPA, CMMC, Data as Property, Legal, Privacy

This makes me lose my mind!  When will data as property be recognized by law?

Over the past few generations, we have been repeatedly taught to identify with a brand and trust that brand.  We do this to the point of ignorance when it comes to a very human ability to apply emotional confidence in what we buy with the result of trusting no matter what, without questioning or investigating.

So when you adopt what you feel is a respectable brand into your world you think “hey I can trust them” and “of course they will be looking out for my best interest, I’m their customer and they said they care” yet time and time again you look at me with your eyes wide and mouth agape shaking your head when they are caught stealing your data.

After reading this article in Forbes I was shaking my head, here we are complaining about TikTok while LinkedIn is skimming as well.  What brand can you trust?

Is it really OK for these corporations to be stealing your data?

Well, correction, not stealing rather taking advantage of the flawed 3rd party-based infrastructure to skim, access, copy, monitor, and aggregate the data that is part of this infrastructure.   This is not illegal, immoral yes, as it pertains to the fact that 99% of the population does not have a formal education in technology so you can’t even begin to estimate risk in losing control of data as property.

Like much in our society there is a long lag between activities, observation, interpretation and argument in law before we see controlled changes to protect those that cannot protect themselves.

When will we recognize data as property?  Remember, data is not just the words you type or images you create it is all your human directed actions upon systems and interfaces in the process of creating the final output of your intentions that must be included in the term data as property.

Watching the news where we call-out applications that are caught skimming and scrapping your data we often still let these trusted brands get away with it.  Data as property is critical to understand and even more important for you to define and maintain your rights to privacy and clear legal ownership of intellectual or artistic property, data as property must be legislated.

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