Covid 19 and the Future of the Work Place

Coronovirus (Covid19) will have a long reaching effect on business globally.  There never has been an event in modern times that has driven massive shift in workplace behavior from corporate office to work from home.  Although, it is unclear what the long term effects are of not feeling safe in the workplace due to infection of a disease, it is apparent in countries that are slowly lifting the social distancing bans such as China that people are reluctant to change their self-isolation habits quickly. 

It is expected that the changes in behavior will lead to a long-term shift in the thinking of employers regarding the size and scale of their offices. 

The office workplace has pros and cons including:

  • It is unquestionably better for problem solving.  The stories of Google are legendary as they kept their workforce in their building closely collaborating with services including free food and dry cleaning.  However, the traditional corporate workplace is also inefficient with many studies suggesting that the average employee only completes 3-4 hours of real work in a day – especially in today’s open concept environment.  As job requirements become more specialized and the workforce more fragmented, it is much easier to scale a workforce that is scattered than to hire train exclusively within a region.
  • Working from home is more efficient for many people but also has drawbacks
    • Interruptions from family, pets, if the home work space is not separate from living quarters.
    • Loss of team building and cross function collaboration.  Many of the best solutions come from networking across multiple disciplines which is difficult in a disparate work environment.
    • Increased risk of data compromise and IP theft.
      • In a corporate office, it is relatively simple for an IT team to create firewalls and keep the corporate data and IP safe within its geographical restrictions.  When teams are scattered in many locations, the risks of hacking and ransomware increase dramatically.
      • Solutions like VPNs & RDP are inexpensive to for IT teams to install and maintain, but they  are vulnerable to nefarious third party attacks.  
  • Companies are increasingly turning to the cloud. However:
    • It simply isn’t a good solution for many industries.  Cloud companies are interested in monetizing data for their business model and do not guarantee that data is stored in the jurisdiction of the business or accessed only by citizens of the headquarters of the country thus violating many healthcare, financial, and defense privacy regulations.
    • Recent revelations of Zoom privacy issues highlight the problems in the cloud.  The data is not end-to-end encrypted as advertised and was even routed through China thus exposing many USA corporations to huge breaches in data privacy and security.  While Zoom is in the news, many other cloud service providers share their practices.

Cicer One has created a new breed of solution that grants all the access of cloud solutions commonly used by small businesses such as Google Drive, Dropbox or Sharepoint while keeping the data on premise of the company and secure.

Benefits of SCUTE:

  • By architecture, all information transacts from the user endpoints through the SCUTE which is on the company premises and does not persist on third party sites.  No third party can intercept, transact or monetize the data.  
  • It is simple for a non-technical person (HR/CEO/VP) to set up and manage the user access and administrative functions such as backup with no IT or technical knowledge.
  • Secure Chat
    • No data persists on mobile devices or on computer endpoints.
    • Safe to exchange most secure data such as credit cards etc.
  • Enable file sharing internal without data persisting on another companies’ server
    • External users are easy to setup and maintain
  • Complete audit log of all user activities by device
  • Off-site backup – ownership & patented
    • Extend property rights to a local data center
  • Encryption certificates are rolled quarterly and there is an audit trail (required by compliance industries)

For the safety of your most critical data – trust SCUTE.